BD7 Pro-Cleaning and Maintenance

Packing List


Battery Pack Removal and Assembly

Press and hold the release latch of the battery pack, and take out the battery pack in the direction indicated by the arrow. Assemble battery pack into main body in opposite sequence. (Figure 1)




1. When using this product for the first time, the battery power of the vacuum cleaner may not be full. Need to use charger to fully charge the battery before using.

2. When using the anti-mite vacuum cleaner for the first three times, please charge up to 12 hour each time.When the power of the vacuum cleaner is insufficient, please charge the vacuum cleaner in time; When the voltage is too low, in order to protect the battery, it will automatically power off, and the vacuum cleaner must be charged at this time. Plug the adapter plug into the AC power socket to start charging. The LED screen of the display screen is "red" when the product is charging.

When the power display icon on LED screen turns to "white", the vacuum cleaner has been fully charged. Please pull the plug out of the AC socket in time.

Use of the Product


Function Description

Vacuum + Tap + UV Mode

After power on, the anti-mite vacuum cleaner starts with Vacuum + Tap + UV mode by default, product power is in normal mode, the corresponding indicator light will be on, and the machine will start vacuuming function, brushroll tapping function, the UV-C light dust mite-removal function and the negative ion function; Press the mode button to switch to turbo mode.

Vacuum + UV Mode

When product is in Vacuum + Tap + UV mode, keep pressing mode button for 3 seconds to change to Vacuum + UV mode. Corresponding indicator will be one and product will start vacuuming, UV-C light dust removal and negative ions function. Press mode button in this status, product will switch to Turbo mode.

Dust Level Display

When the cleaned surface is in a clean state, the dust level bar is blue. When the cleaned surface is slightly dirty, the dust level bar is orange. When it is in a dirty state, the dust concentration bar is red. As the dust level decreases, the dust level bar slowly changes from red to orange to blue.

Battery Power Display

The battery power display is in the form of light band, which is divided into five grids, each representing 20% of the power; When the power is 100% during the discharge process, the five indicator lights are cold white, and the corresponding indicator lights are off for every 20% of the power consumption. When the power is 10% left, the indicator lights are red to remind charging; During the charging process, the red light will light up and flash when the power is ≤ 10%, and the cell will turn into a cold white light and start flashing when the power is greater than 10%;

When the power reaches 20%, the next grid light will turn on cold white with flashing. When the power reaches 40%, the next grid light will jump to the next grid light after every 20% of the power is fully charged. When battery power is full, the five grids are fully filled with cold white light.

Brushroll Blockage Indicator

This indicator flashes when the brushroll is blocked.

Cleaning and Maintenance

1. HEPA filter is available for sale at JIMMY distributor.
2. It is recommended to clean the dust cup in time after each use. When there is too much dust to cause HEPA blockage, it needs to be cleaned in time or replaced if necessary.


Cleaning of Dust Cup

Turn off the product, remove the dust cup according to the instruction on the dust cup; Align the dust cup with the garbage can, press the bottom cover release button, open the bottom cover, and pour out the garbage. Hold the dust cup with one hand and pull out the filter assembly with the other hand. (Figures 2, 3)

HEPA Filter Cleaning

Turn HEPA bottom cover clockwise; Take out the HEPA assembly downward, tap the HEPA assembly downward to clean the dust, or use a brush to clean the dust and other debris on the HEPA assembly. After cleaning the dust cup and HEPA assembly, put the HEPA into the filter assembly and then rotate it anticlockwise to fix it. After the "click" sound is heard when rotating, and the HEPA is assembled in place without loosening.(Figures 4, 5)


1. Do not miss HEPA filter!. If too much dust is accumulated in the dust cup, clean the dust cup and filter assembly with water, and wipe them with dry cloth. Pay attention that HEPA filter need to be washed as less as possible. Clean the dust and foreign matters on HEPA filter by tapping, and ensure that the dust cup and filter assembly are completely dry before installation.


Brushroll Cleaning and Assembly


When cleaning the brushroll, be sure to disconnect the power supply to prevent the brushroll from starting by mistake and cause human injury.

Turn off the machine, push the brushroll cover latch. Turn it from the closed state to the open state, and then remove brushroll cover and take out brushroll. Clean brushroll with cleaning brush. (Fig.6) After cleaning the brushroll, install the brushroll and brushroll cover back to mainbody in turn, and lock the brushroll latch.

Dust Sensor Cleaning
Dust sensor is installed inside of air inlet. Use mini brush to clean inner wall of air inlet to avoid too much dust accumulating on dust sensor and cause abnormal display of dust level.(Figures 7)


Maintenance and Storage

Please clean dust cup and filter after each use for further use. It is recommended to replace a filter after 30-50 hours of working time(depending on specific situation) for better use. Any paper, lead glass, plastic will greatly affect the effect of UV light. Please wipe and clean the UV tube regularly for better use.

Do Not touch the UV tube as dirt will affect UV light effect.

Put the machine in cool and dry place if the machine is to be idled. Do Not leave it in direct sunlight or humid environment.