BD7 Pro Troubleshooting

Please check the following trouble points before go to the maintenance department.

Problems Possible Reasons Solution
Product does not turn on ● Battery pack not properly assembled ● Reassemble battery pack
● Battery pack has no power ● Charge the product
● On/off switch is not pressed down ● Press down on/off switch
Weak suction ● Air inlet blocked ● Clean air inlet
● HEPA blocked ● Clean dust cup and HEPA
● Cyclone blocked ● Clean cyclone
UV light does not work ● Machine tilt and micro switch left cleaning surface ● Machine tilting degree cannot exceed 30 degree
● UV light defect ● Contact after service to replace UV light
Machine stop working suddenly ● Dust cup full ● Stop using the product and clean blockage and use the machine after 2 hours
● Machine air inlet blocked
● HEPA blocked
Brushroll stop working suddenly ● Brushroll entangled ● Take out brushroll, clean it and reassemble
● Belt loose or broken ● Contact after service to replace belt
No sufficient working time after charging ● Battery not fully charged ● Fully charge battery according to instruction manual
● Battery aged ● Purchase and replace battery

Note: If there are other faults, special tools must be used, please contact after sales service for guidance.