BX6 Troubleshooting

Please check the following issues before sending to designated repair agent.

Problems Possible Reasons Solution
Power failure ● Power cord is not firmly inserted ● Insert the power cord firmly
● No power on socket ● Check the socket
● On/Off button not pressed ● Press the On/Off button
Low suction power ● Suction port clogged ● Clean up suction port
● Dust accumulation on filter ● Clean up the dust cup and filter
● Dust accumulation on cyclone ● Clean up cyclone
UV light failure ● The UV function is automatically off for safety reasons or weak reflection of object ● The UV function operates on the condition of less than 3 cm height from the object
● The machine operates on the same position for a long time ● Move the machine forward and backward
● The machine is placed upright ● Machine tilted no more than 30 degrees
● Sensor window is contaminate ● Clean the sensor window with a half-dry cloth
● UV light damage ● Contact after-sale service
Automatically turned off ● Dust cup full ● The machine will automatically turn off to prevent the motor under long operation. If the machine automatically turned off, please clean up the dust cup and filter, unplug power cord and reuse if after 2 hours
● Suction port clogged
● Filter blocked
Brushroll failure ● Brushroll tangled with foreign matter ● Remove the cover and clean up brushroll according to user guide
● Belt broken ● Remove the cover according to user guide and check the belt. If broken, contact after-sale to repair


Note: If fault remains after adopting the following solutions, contact after sale service or local distributor immediately.