BX7 Pro - Cleaning and Maintenance


1.Filters are available at dealers.
2.It is recommended to clean the dust cup after each use. When the filter is blocked due to excessive dust accumulation, it needs to be cleaned and replaced if necessary.

Dust Cup Cleaning

1.Turn off the machine and unplug the power
cord. Then press the release button and lift
upward. (Figure 1)
2.Hold the dust cup and dust cup cover separately, twist dust lid anticlockwise (Figure 2), remove it from dust cup to clean. (Figure 3)



Filter and Cyclone Cleaning

Hold the cyclone in one hand, pinch the "UP" logo with the other hand, and take out the filter (Figure 4). Please tap the filter downward.Do not tap the filter in reverse side in case of filter clog(Figure 5).
Clean the cyclone metal filter with the attached mini brush. (Figure 6)
After cleaning the dust cup, filter and cyclone,
assemble the cyclone into the dust cup. Rotate
the dust cup cover assembly into the dust cup
until a "click" sound is heard that is assembled in place. (Figure 7)


1.Do Not miss the filter!
2.Use water or neutral reagents to clean dust cup and wipe with dry cloths. Do not wash the filter until it is necessary.
Make sure the filter and dust cup are completely dry before another use.

Brushroll Cleaning and Installation

Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord, rotate the right lock knob anticlockwise with hand from locked position to unlock position (Figure 8) to remove the brushroll to clean up. (Figure 9)
After brushroll cleaning,install the brushroll and the brushroll cover into the machine in turn(Figure 10) and lock the latch of the brushroll. (Figure 11)


For safety reasons, please turn off the machine and unplug power cord before cleaning brushroll.



Maintenance and Storage

Please clean dust cup and filter after each use for further use. It is recommended to replace a filter after 30-50 hours of working time(depending on specific situation) for better use.
Any paper, lead glass, plastic will greatly affect
the effect of UV light. Please wipe and clean the UV tube regularly for better use.
Do Not touch the UV tube as dirt will affect UV light effect.
Put the machine in cool and dry place if the machine is to be idled. Do Not leave it in direct
sunlight or humid environment.
The dust sensor cover in the air duct need to be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the
transmission and reception of infrared signals. (Figure 12)

  • Please read this instruction manual carefully before use and keep it properly for future use.
  • Never leave the machine working without supervision.
  • Please turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord if the machine is to be idled.
  • Do not unplug the power cord with humid hand in case of electric shock.
  • Cut the power source in maintenance or off-service.
  • Keep the power cord away from sharp objects and do not drag the cord to move the machine in case of cord damage.
  • For safety reasons, please do not use the product to clean hot objects such as carbon, cigarette butts, sharp objects such as broken glass, corrosive liquids, flammable and explosive materials such as gasoline and alcohol. Otherwise it may cause product damage or fire.
  • Do not use this product to clean water or wet dust. Do Not operate it in humid places (such as bathroom, toilet, laundry room, etc.) to avoid malfunction.
  • Do Not place the machine near heating appliances or expose it to direct sunlight in case of fire hazard.
  • Keep this product beyond the reach of special individual such as children without adult supervision.
  • Do Not operate this machine with suction port blocked in case of product damage.The product has UV light, for safety reasons, Do Not look at the bottom of the machine when the power is on in case of ultraviolet rays harming.
  • Do not apply this product to plants. Excessive use of UV may cause object damage.
  • Do not sit on this product in case of personal injury and product damage.
  • Do not remove the brushroll cover or force the cover outward when the machine is powered on for safety reasons.
  • This product can ONLY use for cleaning of textiles such as mattresses, blankets, pillows, sofas, etc.
  • If the power cord is damaged, please ask for professional help of the manufacturer and other professionals for safety reasons.