BX7 Pro Troubleshooting

Please check the following trouble points before go to the maintenance department.

Problems Possible Reasons Solution
Power failure ● Power cord is not firmly inserted. ● Insert the power cord firmly.
● No power on socket. ● Check the socket.
● Power switch not pressed. ● Press the On/Off button.
Low suction power ● Suction port clogged. ● Clean up suction port.
● Dust accumulation on filter. ● Clean up the dust cup and filter.
● Dust accumulation on cyclone. ● Clean up cyclone.
UV light failure ● The UV function is automatically off for safety reasons or weak reflection of object. ● The UV function operates on the condition of less than 3CM height from the object.
● The machine operates on the same position for a long time. ● Move the machine forward and backward
● The machine is placed upright. ● Machine tilted no more than 30 degrees.
● Sensor window is contaminate. ● Clean the sensor window with a half-dry cloth.
● UV light damage. ● Contact after-sale service.
Automatically turned off ● Dust cup full. ● The machine will automatically turn off to prevent the motor under long operation. If the machine automat- ically turned off , please clean up the dust cup and filter, unplug pow-
er cord and reuse if after 2 hours.
● Suction port clogged.
● Filter blocked.
Brushroll failure ● Brushroll tangled with foreign matter. ● Remove the cover and clean up brushroll according to user guide.
● Belt broken. ● Remove the cover according to user guide and check the belt. If broken, contact after-sale to repair.

Note:If fault remains after adopting the following solutions, contact after sale service or local distributor immediately.