H8 - Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean dust cup and filter

1. Press dust cup cover release button to open dust cup cover.

2. Dump the dust to trash can from dust cup bottom.( Fig 1)

3. Rotate HEPA holder to lift HEPA from vacuum cleaner. Cyclone can also be removed from vacuum cleaner for cleaning in the same way.(Fig 2)

4. Rotate HEPA holder to take off HEPA for cleaning. HEPA needs to be completely dry before reuse.

5. After clean and dry the HEPA (Replace HEPA if necessary).(Fig 3)

Clean brushroll

Move the brushroll release button along the arrow direction to remove side cover.(Fig 4)

Remove one end of the brushroll and take it out from nozzle for cleaning.(Fig 4)

After cleaning or replacing brushroll, assemble it back in opposite sequence of disassembly.(Fig 5)

Clean floorhead air path

1. Push the two buttons to remove floorhead air path cover.(Fig 6)

2. Hold floorhead air path with finger and pull it out to clean.

3. After cleaning, assemble in opposite sequence of disassembly.

When the vacuum is long idled, need to remove the battery. Press the battery release button, remove the battery pack in the arrow direction and place the battery in a plastic bag, then store it in a cool and dry place, do not put in direct sunlight or humid environment. (Fig 7)

Safety Notes

※ This vacuum cleaner is designed for home use. Do not use it for commercial or other purposes.
※ Please read this instruction manual carefully before use, properly save and store it for future use.
※ Do not put the vacuum close to fire or other high temperature facility.
※ Do not use or store the machine under extreme bad conditions, for example, extreme temperature. It is recommended to use it indoors between the temperature of 5 °C to 40 °C.  Store the machine in dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
※ Fully charge the battery before first use or after long storage
※ Before using the vacuum, make sure brushroll is assembled, otherwise, it may lead to motor fan blockage, causing motor burn out.
※ Please do not use the vacuum to pick up detergent, oil, glass slag, needle, cigarette ash, wet dust, water, matches, etc.
※ Please do not use the vacuum to pick up tiny particles such as cement,gypsum powder, wall powder, or large objects such as paper balls, otherwise it will cause malfunctions such as blockage and motor burnout.
※ Avoid blockage to air inlet or brushroll, it may cause motor failure.
※ Do not put your hand or foot into floorhead inlet to avoid body hurt.
※ Do not pour or splash water or other liquids into the machine to avoid short circuit to burn out the machine.
※ If the brushroll is not working, please check whether the brushroll is entangled with hair or other long fiber, clean it in time.
※ When storing the machine for a long time, ensure that the battery is fully charged before storage and charge the machine at least every three months.
※ Unplug the charger to clean or repair the machine. Hold the charger when plugging or unplugging it, and do not pull the charging cord.
※ Use a dry cloth to clean the machine. Liquids like gasoline, alcohol, lacquer thinner will cause crack or colour fading and cannot be used.
※ If the machine is not working after fully charged, it must be checked and repaired in our designated office, please do not dismantle the machine on your own.
※ When discard the machine, please press the button to release the battery pack, take out the battery pack, make sure the machine is disconnected with power and handled properly. Do not throw into firewater or soil.
※ If the battery liquid leakage touches your skin or clothes, wash it with water, if there is any discomfort, please go to hospital immediately.
※ Do not use non-original battery pack, avoiding machine damage and safety problems.
※ Avoid to use the vacuum cleaner to pick up easily blockable things such as: plastic bags, candy paper, big scrap of paper, which might affect the function, even cause failure of working. Please clean the foreign matter on the floor head in time, then it will work normally. The discarded battery pack shall be recycled safely, do not throw away casually.