HW8 - Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean dirty water tank

When the dirty water tank is full, the water level detecting float is activated, the indicator light stays green, and the water full indicator on the display screen blinks continuously. The cleaner stops working to remind the user to clean the dirty water tank as soon as possible. After stopping work, remove dirty water tank upper cover, pour out the dirty water and dirt in the dirty water tank, wash the dirty water tank, support frame, float, filter frame and filter foam with clean water. Dry the above parts after washing, then put them back into the dirty water tank, and then assemble the dirty water tank into the machine to continue to use. (Fig 1)


Brushroll cleaning

Hold brushroll window with finger and pull upward to take it out. Pull left side of brushroll to take it out. Use dry cloth to wipe brushroll housing and cut off the hair tangled around brushroll. Wash the brushroll window and brushroll in clean water. After cleaning, assemble brushroll and brushroll window back to machine. (Fig 2)


If the cleaner will not be used soon after cleaning,completely dry the dirty water tank, dirty water tank cover, filter, filter frame, brushroll, brushroll window, machine and then assemble the machine for storage, in order to prevent the bacteria from breeding in the humid environment and producing odor.


Maintenance and Storage

1. it is recommended to clean the dirty water tank, filter, brushroll and brushroll window after each use. If the dirty water reaches MAX line, please drain the dirty water tank immediately otherwise the machine cannot operate normally. After the accumulated use time of the filter reaches 30-50 hours (various basing on filter status),replace the filter to avoid affecting machine performance. Filter can be bought from local distributor.

2. After the use of this product, place it on charging base and ensure the product standing upright to reduce accidental contact and tilt.

3. when pack and store the machine, if it is necessary to disassemble battery pack, remove back cover, hold the battery pack and pull to take it out. (Fig 3)

4. when the machine is long idled, place it in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight or wet environment.

Important Safety Instructions

Read all instructions and warnings before using this appliance. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire or serious injury.


※ The appliance is only for household use.
※ Before using the product, check whether the local voltage is consistent with the voltage marked on the power adaptor.
※ Inspect the product before use, stop use if the product or adaptor is damaged.
※ Use only as described in this manual.
※ This appliance cannot be used by children and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
※ Do not use this product as a toy. Keep this product away from the reach of children. Take care of children and make sure they will not regard this product as a toy.
※ Do not touch plug with wet hand.
※ Use extra care when cleaning on stairs to prevent falling.
※ Do not use or disassemble or replace any component if there is damage on power cord, plug, battery or conductive parts. Disassembly or replacement of the components by yourself may cause electric shock or fire. JIMMY will not take responsibility. Once damaged, the product need to be repaired or replaced by JIMMY, JIMMY’s distributor or qualified person designated by JIMMY to avoid injury.
※ Recharge only with the adaptor specified by JIMMY.
※ Only to use the battery pack specified by JIMMY. Use of any other battery pack may cause explosion, injury and or product damage.
※ If the product does not operate in accordance with the instructions, is seriously impacted, falls from a height, is damaged, or falls into the water, do not use it and contact JIMMY or JIMMY distributor.
※ Only use JIMMY specified replacement parts or attachments.
※ Do not pull or press the cable. Keep cable away from heated surfaces. Do not place the cable in a closed door or pull it through a sharp edge or corner. Keep the cable away from walking area. Do not operate product across the cable.
※ Unplug the product when it is not used or before repairing.
※ Do not drag the cord or carry cord to move the product, or use cord as handle.
※ The product is a rechargeable electric appliance. Do not leave the machine run unattended.
※ Remove battery pack when the product is cleaned, repaired or long idled.
※ Do not get close to heating appliance or expose under sunshine long time, to prevent over heating causing housing deformation.
※ Keep objects that may obstruct air path from air inlet and outlet to prevent machine overheating.
※ Product main body and floorhead have electric components, cannot be washed under water.
※ Do not clean or disassemble brushroll cover or brushroll when the machine is power on or under working to prevent injury.
※ Do not use the product to pick up flamming objects like burning charcoal or cigarette etc.
※ Do not use the product to pick up sharp objects like broken glass.
※ Do not use the product to pick up lime, cement, toner, gypsum powder, flour and other ultra fine substances.
※ Do not use the product to pick up acid-base cleaning liquid, washing powder and other corrosive liquids.
※ Do not use the product to pick up inflammable and explosive objects like gasoline, alcohol, perfume, paint, etc.
※ Do not disassemble the closed machine, and do not try to change the performance of the machine. Only get help from the professional personnel of the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments, otherwise it will cause danger.
※ Turn off power and unplug charger if the product is long idled.
※ Product technical specification of this manual are based on results from lab tests of JIMMY or designated third parties. The company reserves all rights for final explanations.