HW9 Troubleshooting

Please check the following issues before sending to designated repair agent.

Problem Possible  cause Solution
Can not start or stopduring use ● Low battery power
● On/off button is not pressed down
● Brushroll is entangled
● Dirty water tank full
● Battery pack not assembled properly
● Suction inlet blocked
● Recharge battery
● Press down on/off button
● Clean brushroll
● Clean dirty water tank
● Reassemble battery pack
● Clean suction inlet and filter
Weak  suction ● Suction inlet blocked
● No  HEPA  assembled
● Clean suction inlet and filter
● Assemble HEPA
Abnormal  noise ● Suction inlet blocked
● No HEPA assembled
● Clean suction inlet
● Assemble HEPA
Spray mouth does notspray water ● Clean water tank empty
● Water spray button not pressed
● Clean  water  tank not   assembledproperly
● Fill clean water tank
● Press water spray button
● Reassemble clean water tank
Water spray out fromair exhaust ● Filter is put to use without fully dry
● Filter is not assembled in the dirtywater tank
● Soft plastic folds under the filter
● Dry the filter after washing beforeuse
● Assemble filter in dirty water tank
Reassemble the filter, the soft gluemust not be folded