JV65 Plus Troubleshooting

Please check the following issues before sending to designated repair offices.

Symptoms Possible Causes Solutions
Machine not working ● Battery has no power
● Metal tube, electric floor had, is not assembled correctly to the vacuum cleaner
● Charge the vacuum cleaner
● Check the accessories are assembled correctly to the vacuum cleaner
Machine stops working during use ● Main motor temperature overheat and activates temperature protection ● Turn off machine for 5 to 10 minutes.
● Check whether cyclone systems needs cleaning
Brushroll stops running during use ● Floorhead overloaded(Such as working on carpet、too much hair entangled around brushroll) ● Turn off machine for 5 to 10 minutes.
● Check whether brushroll needs cleaning
Machine drops from strong to normal mode automatically ● Cyclone system is blocked and activates main motor over speed protection ● Clean dust cup and cyclone system
Suction drops ● Dust cup full
● Filter blocked
● Floorhead air path blocked
● Clean dust cup and cyclone
● Clean or replace filter
● Clean floorhead air path
Charging indicators red and green light flickers alternately during charging ● Charger has loose contact to machine or power socket ● Replug charger to machine and power socket.
Short working time after charging ● Machine not fully charged
● Battery old aging
● Follow instruction manual to fully charge the battery
● Replace battery


Attention: If any other failures occurred, which need professional tools, in order to avoid danger, the machine must be repaired or replaced by manufacturer, other maintenance offices or professionals from similar offices.