JW31 Troubleshooting

Symptom Possible cause Solution
ECO light blinks ● Battery pack is empty ● Recharge the battery pack
Machine does not start ● Battery pack is empty ● Recharge the battery pack
Machine stops automatically ● Machine temperature is too high ● Turn off machine and wait until the machine is cooled down to turn it on.
Machine sprays little water ● Filter is blocked ● Clean hose filter and hose adaptor filter.
● Hose is tangled ● Replace hose or straighten out the hose
● Too much impurities in water ● Change to clean water
Machine does not draw any water ● Hose adapter looses ● Tighten the hose adapter
● Hose is not well connected to the machine ● Tighten the hose adapter securely
● Hose filter is not completely inserted into water. ● Insert hose filter into water completely.
Machine takes long time to draw water ● Machine is in ECO mode ● Switch to MAX mode
Multi-spray nozzle connector leaking water ● Multi-spray nozzle looses   ● Insert multi-spray nozzle to the end and rotate it to fix.
Multi-spray nozzle leaking water ● Multi-spray nozzle is not rotated to right position ● Rotate the multi-spray nozzle until the water shape mark is align with arrow.
Battery pack cannot charge ● Battery pack in not inserted in charging connector completely
● Charge is not plugged on
● Re-install battery pack into charge connector.
● Make sure charged is plugged on and the indicator on charger is on.