SF8 Troubleshooting

Please check the following points before contacting the after sale service.

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Brushroll does not work ●Battery has no power ●Charge the machine
●Brushroll is pressed by heavy objects or tangled with excessive hair. ●Remove heavy objects and clean brushroll
● Motor failure ● Replace motor
No water spray out ● Clean water tank empty ● Refill clean water tank
● Object blockage ● Clean the dirty nozzle, clean the dirty water tank
Full indicator lights up ● Dirty water tank full or too dirty ● Empty the dirty water and clean dirty water tank
Empty indicator lights up ● Clean water tank empty ● Fill clean water tank
Display battery power light turns red ● Lower battery power ● Charge the machine


Attention: If the above troubleshooting guide fails to provide a solution, please contact after service or local distributor for support.